Pricing Plans

Individual Lessons:
Training Where You Need it

I offer training services tailored directly to your pup's needs at your place of residence, a park, or wherever your dog needs help most. We will set targeted goals for you and your dog.

Initial Evaluation

USD $ 85

A Single Session

$ 135

A Block of 4 Sessions

$ 500

A Block of 6 Sessions

$ 660

A Block of 8 Sessions (Best Value!)

$ 800

Group Lessons: Coming Soon in January 2024

I offer training classes in a group setting as well.

LLW 101

In this 4 week course, you will learn how to start teaching your dog to walk loosely on a leash. We will also go over the use of a clicker/marker, the importance of check-ins with our dog, and a focus cue. Learning behaviors such as sitting at our side and staying will help with greeting people.

USD $ 249

LLW 102

In this 4 week course, we will be adding distractions into your daily walks. We will focus on how to walk past other people, dogs, animals, etc. We will teach leave-it to help redirect our dogs from any inappropriate items in the environment. We will continue to build on our LLW skills by teaching the “heel” behavior.

$ 249

LLW 103

In this 4 week course, we focus on our dog walking in a heel position and ignoring distractions. This is a pre-Canine Good Citizen course. A few of the CGC tests will be exercises in this course to help set your dog up to succeed for Canine Good Citizen.

$ 249